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Keeki Productions

Productions by dorks, for dorks.

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Productions by a group of dorks. Lovable dorks.

In the tender summer of 2008, a group of students under the guidance of Ian-sensei were tasked to present a film utilizing the lessons they had learnt from their Hapon 10 course. Rising to the task, the students came up with a film of love and cake, aptly entitled ケーキ♥山, and released it under Cake Mountain Productions.

Spurred by their success and the warm reception ケーキ♥山 received, members of the same group of students resolved to produce a sequel for their brainchild. With the assistance of new members, the renamed Cake Productions released ケーキ♫メロディ 〜愛のコンサート〜 to delighted audiences.

And the rest, as we say, is history.

Keeki♥Yama (Cake Mountain) is a beautiful story of the struggle of fanboys in a world where they are the minority, and the love that two fans find in each other.

Rejected from a Wonder Girls autograph event by bodyguards who are certain all men are perverts, Sasu and Naru take a brave step for their beloved idols and start living as girls. They meet each other under their new facades, and the two fans find happiness in sharing their fandom with each other.

But while their feelings start to run a little deeper, will they be able to truly continue being happy living a lie?

Hapon 10, A.Y. 2007-2008

ケーキ♫メロディ 〜愛のコンサート〜
Keeki♫Merodii : Ai no Konsaato (Cake♫Melody : Concert of Love) is a touching film about the power of love, friendship and music.

The Cherry Boys, a popular band comprised of Kuro, Shiro, and Akai, suddenly disband due to a fierce argument, much to the dismay of their fans.

However, three girls decide that they simply won't stand for it. Aki, Fuyu and Natsu head to the school that the Cherry Boys attend, determined to reunite the band and bring their beautiful songs back.

But will it be too much for the trio to extinguish the fires of anger and rekindle the flame of friendship of the Cherry Boys?

Hapon 11, A.Y. 2008-2009

SO WHO ARE WE? Actually, this all happened within a span of a year, and Cake Productions is really comprised of a group of dorks who love gheiness, animanga and the Japanese language and each other. Still, we hope that you'll be amused by the results of our fumbling with cameras and a foreign language, and that you'll come to love our works as much as we do. <3

» Liraru : the spazzy one. Likes chocolate, procrastination and Sailor Moon.
» Tiffu : the ghei one. Likes Haruhi, being gay, and Juntsu.
» Zaru : the ukeke one. Likes guys that look like girls, lolis, and black (look out, Rain).
» Diegabel : the faggy one. Likes cosplaying, Youtube and his hair.
» Pyor : the whore-y one. Likes posing, winking and Naruto.
» Johnny : the normal one as far as we know. Likes marketing, cooking, and looking like Yabu.

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TINY ICONS: julzroguenine, minty_peach and famfamfam
HEADERS: seikochan
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